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Papa Clyde’s BBQ Sauce began with my father. He worked on his recipe as a hobby for many years. While it was delicious, and accrued many fans, he still could not get it “quite right.” 


He passed away in 2017. 


While cleaning out his belongings, we came across the recipe for his BBQ sauce. We decided to get to work and make his sauce exactly what he was aiming for. 


After 6 years of development, we have done it! We use a method of slowly simmering the sauce with an oak stirring stick which has aged both whisky and maple syrup. It is sweet, tangy, smooth and rich. The flavor is unbeatable. 


We have the highest quality BBQ sauce that is made of natural ingredients that will provide a perfect balance to anything that it is used for, with, and on. 


After 11+ years, we have finally got it “right.” We are proud of our product and the community which we serve.


Grab a bottle, and bring balance to your BBQ!

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