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bbq chicken wings

Papa Clyde's is BBQ Sauce for people who love good food.  Papa's has incredible flavor, it is tangy and sweet, spicy and rich, with just a hint of smoke to add flavor to any meal.  We use it on everything, from wings to ribs, chicken, beef and even eggs.  Grab a bottle of Papa Clyde's and drizzle, drip, or drench your next meal in flavorful goodness!  Try it today. You won't be disappointed!

Pat and Sara Andrews

BBQ Chicken Pizza

If you are looking for the perfect BBQ sauce, look no further than Papa Clyde's.  Crafted by a family who gives a damn, for people who give a damn; it strikes the perfect balance of sweet with a bit of kick.  This sauce is so good, I put it on itself.

Mitch Heiner

Chicken with bbq

This sauce is a home run.  A perfect blend, in my opinion.  I feel like Goldilocks. A little heat but not too much. Not too thick, not too thin.  Right amount of everything I can think of! It's like you managed to pull out everything I like from all the different BBQ sauces and put it into one.  Once you taste this sauce, you will want to buy it and keep coming back for more!

Wally Michelizzi

Grilled Meat

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